Who Uses a Coach?

The idea of coaching puzzles many people. Why would a manager or executive want a coach? What do coaches and their clients talk about? Could a coach make a contribution to my leadership success? Could I be happier and less stressed? The best way to understand the value of coaching is to look at the types of leaders who use coaches, and the challenges they bring to confidential conversations with their coach.


Here are a few examples of the central challenges for a few of Ric's clients.You may also want to read a short Q&A article on coaching. If so, download the pdf at the bottom of this page.


  • Helping a strong operations leader transition to becomes CEO of one of Canada’s most important corporations.
  • Working over 4 years with a top executive as she handled a series of leadership challenges in one organization and then successfully transitioned to President and CEO of a larger organization.
  • Helping a star contributor drop an abrassive style, and become a more skilled leader of people.
  • Assisting two executive committee members of a fast growing energy company as they honed their personal leadership skills, and played key roles in helping the company carve out a new direction.
  • Coaching the CFO of a major corporation, and later one of his VP’s, on a wide range of leadership issues including speaking skills, personnel challenges and the implementation of a major organizational change.
  • Assisting a senior financial manager as he refines his interpersonal style, delegation and overall approach to leadership.
  • Helping a group of engineering and geology specialists successfully transition into their first leadership roles.
  • Helping legal partners represent their firms more effectively with enhanced public speaking skills.
  • Coaching senior leaders in health care and at two universities develop leadership styles suited to their unique contexts and highly educated employees.
  • Coaching three Vice Presidents at three separate international technology companies on a variety of senior leadership challenges.
  • Helping junior and mid-level managers in banking, oil & gas, transportation, hospitality, law, real estate development, health services and the arts develop their leadership skills and prepare for the next steps in their careers
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