Coaching for the CEO and Members of the Executive Team: Smart organizations invest in coaching for the people who matter the most. Great athletes use personal coaches to find new strategies, build skill and keep the edge. More and more often, top leaders are doing the same thing. Coaching keeps top leaders growing, but it also helps them create and implement business strategy. The key is to find a coach who understands the demands of executive roles, and who has trained and studied to be the caliber of coach top leaders need. Ric Durrant has a track record of being that kind of coach.

Coaching for Developing Leaders: In the past, many organizations used coaching as a tool for correcting problems and getting people back on track. The main focus for leadership coaching now is on a) developing the high potential leaders who are the future of the company, and b) helping leaders accelerate improvements in business strategy and results. Coaching has become a tool for organizational success that has the added benefit of rewarding managers with a great learning and advancement opportunity.



Coaching/Training for Public Speaking and Business Presentations: Nothing says more about an organization than a highly competent person speaking very well. We have been developing the speaking skills of leaders, spokespeople and professionals since 1995. Our program for individuals or small groups is called "Core Skills for Dynamic Presentations". It helps participants understand and practice the skills that great speakers use to really connect with an audience with a clear impressive message.

Skilled Meeting Facilitation: Important meetings often move faster, get past disagreements and achieve more when guided by an outside professional facilitator. We have facilitated dozens of challenging meetings with executive teams, planning groups, departments and associations ranging from small groups to groups over 100.